“The story of this noisepop band is something special”  ~ ByteFM

Grabbel and The Final Cut 1991
Grabbel and The Final Cut in 1991, from left to right: Sascha, Christian, Gernot and Stefan.

Grabbel and The Final Cut are a phenomenon… 15 years after their demise the band from Germany has been rediscovered by the hip New York indie label Captured Tracks, who released the band’s better-late-than-never “debut” EP. Nobody seems to mind that the songs on Get Your Feet Back On The Ground are two decades old and had been produced back then on 4-track cassette tape in true home recording style, using cheap yellow plastic microphones from the local Woolworth store. German print magazine Musikexpress calls the record a timeless and thrilling “hybrid between noise and shoegaze that doesn’t look its age” and bloggers worldwide pay homage to the group’s authentic 1990s guitar sound.

“20 years later – and now worldwide reception and upcoming live shows”  ~ Landeszeitung Lüneburg

Taking this opportunity to reunite, Christian “Grabbel” Grabowski (drums), Sascha Kotzur (guitar), Gernot Dornblüth (bass/vocals) and Stefan Zachau (vocals/guitar) got back together again – first playing a reunion concert at their hometown university in Lüneburg (sold out!), followed by more shows. And somehow, Phillip Boa of Phillip-Boa-And-The-Voodoo-Club fame notices the band’s noisy guitar pop tunes and invites them to join him and his Voodoo Club on tour. Since then, the four have played many shows all over Germany. They’ve released the live album Feedback Part II and played their first gig abroad – by special request of Scottish C86 indie pop legends Close Lobsters in their hometown of Glasgow.

“Renewed proof of how timeless their music is”  ~ Hamburger Abendblatt

And they’re writing new songs: Grabbel and The Final Cut recently finished the album MMXVI featuring the first new studio material since the 90s! Conceived as an “album-in-progress” for which one new track was recorded and released through the group’s Bandcamp site every month until the album was complete with 12 songs in total. If the 1991 Psycho Popsong was the “link into the present age” for the band (to quote Musikexpress), then new tracks like Dreams End Here or Just Not Today are the “leap into the future”. Or well… maybe not until another US record label stumbles upon their music 20 years from now… but that’s a different story then.

Grabbel and The Final Cut reunited
Reunited 20 years later, from left to right: Sascha, Christian, Stefan and Gernot.

“The most beautiful and only band reunion without a bitter aftertaste”  ~ Markthalle Hamburg