Hometown Show – one week to go :-)

Hey there, one week to go till our Hometown Show, and just a bit more until New Year. This year was weird… with three shows that we couldn’t play, but we’ll catch up on that next year, definitely! The more happy we are to finally see some of you again next Friday in Lüneburg. If you’re around, come and say “Hi!” 🙂 Thanks so much for your support, we’ll be in touch.

Grabbel ATFC

Astra Stube Hamburg

Hamburg, we would have loved to see you again this year and we’d also have liked to say goodbye to the Astra Stube in person – but unfortunately our planned December show there cannot take place because booking booked the date twice… We tried to find an alternative date together, but it wasn’t meant to be. Bye-bye, Astra Stube! We always had great shows with you!! After the demolition, we hope the club can be rebuilt… somehow, somewhere, sometime. And Hamburg, we’ll definitely see you in 2024 – or you guys can come over on December 15th to our concert in Lüneburg. See you then or there, ahoy!

Grabbel and The Final Cut at Astra Stube in 2016.

October Shows Cancelled

Hi everyone, we’re very sorry, but we have to cancel/postpone the October shows in Bremen and Bad Bevensen due to health issues of a band member.

The BRENDELSON show at Meisenfrei in Bremen will take place without us, so just go there! The show at Vakuum in Bad Bevensen is postponed. We’re working out a new date with the club and will publish it as soon as we can.

Our December dates in Hamburg and Lüneburg will go ahead as scheduled, so please join us there.

Cheers and see you soon!
Grabbel ATFC

New music video: The Pioneer “vertical”

Hey everyone, we’ve got a new music video up for “The Pioneer”. It’s using video footage from our appearance at the “Salon Hansen Show” – a streaming live show that aired during the first Covid lockdown. The original footage was horizontal, but this video is made “vertical”. Hopefully it plays fullscreen properly with all the different kinds of apps and devices… let us know if not.

The Pioneer video page is here, and this is the embedded YouTube stream. Cheers! 🙂