“You Are The Sun” CDs now shipping!

Hey everyone, the “You Are The Sun” EP is now available on CD from our Bandcamp store, coming in a lovely vinyl-style cardboard sleeve.

Discs arrived a bit late from the pressing plant, but all pre-ordered CDs were finally sent out last week. We’re shipping worldwide, so you may order one, no matter where you are 🙂 or you can download / stream the “You Are The Sun” EP from your favorite online platform — we have listed a few here.

Thank you so much for your support, you are cool!

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“You Are The Sun” EP out on December 7

Hey! Our brand-new EP is called You Are The Sun and will be out on December 7 in stores worldwide!

Featuring four tracks that were originally released on the “MMXVI” album, these remixes from Russian producer Sergey Bogaev range from suitable improvements over their album counterparts up to radical song reworks that almost feel like new compositions… you might be surprised 🙂

Click here for more information, listen to the EP’s title song, see the track listing and pre-order the complete digital download or CD release, which comes in a lovely vinyl-style cardboard sleeve.

“You Are The Sun” EP record cover.

Remix EP coming soon!

Hey! While we’re working on new songs for the next proper release, we currently have some of the tracks from our MMXVI album getting remixed by Russian sound engineer Sergey Bogaev. Rest assured that these new mixes sound totally different from the versions on the album… so let us surprise you 🙂

The Remix EP will be out soon!

Sascha and Gerri working out some new ideas…